Fireworks – premises with Category 2 and 3 firework licences

We would like details of all premises licensed to sell Category 2 and Category 3 Fireworks in 2018 in your area

A publication of details of premises which, by their very nature, are holding quantities of explosives, will make those premises a target for crime.   This is confirmed by Schedule 2 of the Explosives Regulations 2014 which does not require publication of the details of:

“any site to which a licence relates which is used only for the storage of—

(a) less than 500 kilograms of hazard type 1 explosive or hazard type 2 explosive;
(b) less than 2 tonnes of hazard type 3 explosive or hazard type 4 explosive; or
(c) any explosives for a period of less than four weeks.”

This information is therefore exempt from publication pursuant to s.31 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.