Penalty Charge Notices, Dawlish

How many PCNs have been issued to vehicles parked in the loading bay that is positioned outside Gay’s Creamery in Brunswick Place, Dawlish in the last 2 years? 


How many of these were issued on a Sunday? 


How many of the total PCNs for this bay were issued to drivers displaying a Disabled Badge? 


How may informal or formal appeals have you received against PCNs issued in the above bay? 

Devon County Council does hold this information however, the number may identify individuals and thus constitute a breach of the first principle of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Department for Education’s policy on published data and confidentiality. For these reasons, this information has been exempted from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 40 (2) Personal Data. 

Are you aware of any motorists other than myself, who have been misled by the signs into thinking they were parking in a Disabled Bay? 

No one has stated being misled in correspondence received against the issue of a PCN 

Have any if these people appealed either formally or informally? 

Not applicable see previous answer

When was the decision made to adjust the sign denoting the disabled parking bay, that is next to the loading bay, so that it was parallel to the kerb and not angled at 45 degrees? 

Devon County Council have made no decision to adjust the angle of the sign to 45°.  If the sign has been adjusted it was not by DCC 

Why was the above decision taken? 

Not applicable see previous answer 

Please give me a copy of any emails, instructions, works notices or correspondence relating to the adjustment of the sign. 

Works instructions from 06/03/2013