Parking Restrictions at St Thomas, Exeter

“I am making a request for all the information held on why 2 hour parking restrictions were introduced on residential streets in St Thomas and when these restrictions came into force.”

There are currently 59 separate limited waiting bays in the St Thomas ward. To track through the history of all limited waiting in the St Thomas area would entail reviewing thousands of pages of information dating back to 1976 to extract the relevant data.  We anticipate that this would take well in excess of the 18 hours public authorities are obliged to spend responding to FOI requests, so are unable to supply this information under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 – ‘Cost of Compliance’.

The first limited waiting bay was introduced on Alphington Road in 1976 and new bays have been introduced or amended / removed over the years.

Provided here are copies of all traffic orders, since 1976, that include changes to the limited waiting bays in the St Thomas Ward.  Each Order contains the date when it comes into effect.  Please note that this is a very large file incorporating 8,529 pages.  Should you have problems accessing this file, please do let us know and we will find another way of getting the information to you.  Please note that some Orders consolidate previous restrictions into a newer order for clarity and consistency but means there are no physical changes to the bays on-street.

Devon County Council does not hold records of the statement of reasons for all of these Orders, but those that are available, are included. Please note the reasons stated will cover all restrictions contained within the Order and not just the sections of limited waiting.