Parking Penalty Charge Notices

I’m looking to collect some stats for a research project I’m currently doing. The aim is to see if challenges to on-spot local council penalty charge notices (PCNs) for parking fines are impacted by the method of communication used between councils and drivers/vehicle-owners. 

The fields that I am looking for are:
* Number of PCNs issued by your council in 2018 (or in the last twelve-month period for which data exists, since 2015)
* Number of PCNs from the above category which were challenged
* Number of the above challenges which were made online, by post, or by other means (itemised)
* Number of the above challenged PCNs in each category which were upheld by the Council, and the number of the above challenged PCNs in which category which were not upheld/cancelled by the Council

Full reports concerning PCNs are available online via the following link:

The reports will include the number of PCNs issued by Devon County Council, the number of PCNs which have been challenged or appealed and the number of appeals which are upheld.

We do not hold the information regarding how the individual appeals are put forward, namely whether they were made online, oy by other means.