Okehampton East Parkway Station

We would like to know the status of the Okehampton East Parkway station project.

* Has the feasibility study been approved?
* If so, what is the project status/outcome?

The feasibility study has not been formally approved, reflecting the early stage of the report in the design development. However, the findings have been accepted by Devon County Council and shared with Great Western Railway and the Department for Transport to inform their ongoing efforts to develop plans for the introduction of a service.

* Will it be tendered by the council or by Network Rail?
* Is there any indication as to when a Main Contractor might be appointed.
* Is there a proposed date for opening the station and commencing services for the public?

In response to these further questions, we can confirm that this detail has not yet been resolved.
Great Western Railway were tasked with developing plans for the reintroduction of services between Okehampton and Exeter with the delivery mechanism being identified as the Great Western Railway franchise. There are no dates at present for either the reintroduction of services or the delivery of an Okehampton East Parkway Station.