Number of Students at Orchard Manor School, Dawlish

“I am requesting the number of pupils on roll and the number of pupils that the school could have for Orchard Manor School, Dawlish EX7 9SF for the years. 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.”

Orchard Manor Special School
2015-16 academic year
Autumn 2015 census Number on roll Capacity
Oaklands Park School 46 55
Ratcliffe School 82 80
2016-17 academic year
Autumn 2016 census Number on roll
Oaklands Park School 53 60
Ratcliffe School 88 80
2017-18 academic year
Autumn 2017 census Number on roll
Oaklands Park School 56 60
Ratcliffe School 104 96

Please note that the number on roll is sometimes higher than the figure for Capacity because we do not have to follow a statutory process to increase the number of registered places until the increase is over 10%, or 20 pupils.