National Street Gazetteer managed by Geoplace

How are the following streets in Devon recorded in the National Street Gazetteer and Additional Street Data (for example, publicly maintained highways, prospective maintained highways, privately maintained highways / private roads with public access, footpaths, etc.)?  

If possible, I would like to know how these streets were recorded in 2017.   

If only the current information is available, I would like to know how these streets are currently recorded and when the current information was supplied to the National Street Gazetteer, as managed by Geoplace.
1. EX7 0AD
2. EX7 0AE numbers 1 to 7
3. EX7 0AE number 7A
4. EX7 0AE numbers 8 to 11 (also known as Crossways)

A table displaying answers to the above questions can be viewed on the link provided National Street Gazetteer

The full Highways Street Gazetteer can be viewed from roads and transport data