Loxdown Junction A386 – Safety inspections and repair history

A386 and around 100 meters either side of the Loxdown Junction (where Loxdown Road meets the A386) as shown in the attached link:  Google map

* Dates of all safety inspections undertaken on the carriageway in the two years preceding the 2nd August 2020

Please see the details below set out in the attached link:


* Details of all carriageway defects identified during safety inspections in the two years preceding 2nd August 2020

Please see the details below set out in the attached link:

Defect information

* Details of how carriageway safety inspections are undertaken, including whether walked or driven, the speed of the inspection vehicle and the number of persons in the vehicle.

The safety inspections are carried out in a suitably marked vehicle, usually with 2 people – one safety inspector and one driver. The vehicle is driven in accordance with the road type and speed suitable to the conditions.
During the Covid pandemic (April – July 2020) this inspection was carried out with 1 person – a safety inspector who was also the driver. At this time the inspection was driven in both directions to ensure all defects were recorded.

* The intended frequency of carriageway safety inspections.


* Details of all complaints and/or enquiries relating to the carriageway, received in the two years preceding 2nd August 2020

This is available in the attached link:


Names of all members of the public who have raised complaints or enquiries have been redacted as this is their personal information and a disclosure of this information would be a breach of the first data protection principle.   This is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

* The hierarchy classification.
* The road/section number.


* The defect intervention criteria adopted in relation to the identification of all categories of carriageway potholes
* The time period(s) adopted between identification and repair (temporary and permanent) of all categories of carriageway defects.
* Whether or not the authority has formally adopted all or part of the standards contained within the national code of practice for highways maintenance management.

The Devon County Council Highway Safety Manual is available online at:

Highway Safety Manual