Low traffic neighbourhoods

1. Has your council implemented or planned any new low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) since 16 March 2020?


2. How many individual LTNs has your council implemented or planned since 16 March? (please break numbers down by implemented and planned schemes.)
3. What costs (estimated or actual) have been accrued because of these LTNs? Please break the data down by implemented schemes, and projected costs for planned schemes, if possible and relevant. Please also break costs down by areas as logged by your council (EG marketing, signage, consultation, physical works) if this level of detail would not take too long to acquire within the scope of FOI guidelines.
4. Has your council reversed/removed any installed LTNs since March 16 2020? Or has your council decided against installing LTNs that had previously been planned?
5. Has your council altered any LTNs following their installation after feedback from residents or other stakeholders?
6. What costs (estimated or actual) have been accrued in the process or returning roads to their pre-LTN state, or altering LTNs following stakeholder feedback? Please break these costs down by area of expense, if possible.

Following our response to question 1, we do not hold any further information.