Looked after children – returning from Syria

1.Since 1.1.18 to the date of this e-mail how many children (under 18s) has your authority become aware of, and taken responsibility for, where the child has been a returning UK citizen from the conflict in Syria?

We may hold information for questions 1- 5 but to identify children who are UK citizens returning from the conflict in Syria we would have to manually examine the free text parts of several thousand cases and this would may still not indicate if they had been to Syria, been involved in the conflict and returned to the UK. At five minutes per case minimum  this would take well in excess of  the 18 hours allowed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 12 – Cost of Compliance.

2. Can you provide me with a breakdown of the ages and sexes of these children?

3. How many of these children have returned to the UK without their (i) father, (ii) mother and (iii) both parents?

4. How many of these children are being provided with an education from a local authority mainstream school?

5. How many of these children have been taken into local authority care since they returned to the UK?