Looked after children missing from care

1. How many looked after children currently missing from your care have been missing for
A) 16-20 days 
B) 21- 30 days 
C) More than 30 days –

For this answer, please do not count the same child repeatedly in different categories. For example, if a child has been missing for 31 days, they should only be counted once in category C. You should not also mark them in categories A & B.

2. What is the longest period that a looked after child currently missing from your council’s care has been missing for? The only child that we currently have missing (as at 09/03/20) has been missing 

3. How old is the youngest looked after child who has is currently missing from council care and has been missing for more than 16 days? 

In relation to questions 1-3, the disclosure of this information would potentially identify the individuals concerned which would be a disclosure of their personal data and a breach of the first data protection principle.  This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


4. Since 2015, please state ‘ in days- the three longest periods for which a looked after child has gone missing from council care and then been found:

41 days, 91 days and 112 days.