List of Thermal Oxidizer

Please could you provide me with a list of which businesses in your area have one or more Thermal Oxidisers installed at their site? In particular, I would like to know;

● the business name and address of the site which has the Thermal Oxidiser
● the type of thermal oxidiser (Regenerative, catalytic, direct fired, etc.)
● the flow rate of the oxidiser (Typically in Nm3/h)
● the date of installation
● the oxidiser manufacturer
● a lead contact responsible for the operation of the oxidiser or environmental issues

Devon County Council does not hold the information required to answer these questions, as we do not have any direct role in the issue of permits or other such consents for atmospheric emissions. Whilst Devon County Council, by virtue of its role as planning authority for minerals and waste operations, will consider and, where appropriate, provide planning consent for new commercial facilities which require thermal oxidisers (such as energy from waste plants or other waste incinerators), it is the complementary permit / consenting processes operated by the Environment Agency that will deal with the specification and operation of such plant.

For advice and assistance please re direct this Freedom of Information Request to the Environment Agency at