Lanherne, Exeter Road, Dawlish, Devon

1) Please can you clarify if the roads beyond the two pillars at Lanherne are ‘highways maintainable at the public expense’, and as I am a member of the public, can I drive on these roads. Please can you show the full extent of the ‘highways maintainable at the public expense’, including all parking areas whether reserved for residents, private parking areas for residents, parking permit holders parking. Please can you clarify if there is any public parking areas in Lanherne whether free to park, or by paying an hourly rate. Maybe the easiest way to show what DCC is responsible for in Lanherne is showing the areas on a map?

Please find attached a plan showing the extent of highways maintainable at public expense in Lanherne via the link below:

There are no areas of the public highway in Lanherne that are reserved for residents or permit holders parking. Details of Devon County Council’s parking restriction on the public highway can be viewed via the link below. The County Council holds no records of restrictions on parking on land outside the public highway.”

2) There is also numerous streetlights in Lanherne which are on DCC’s street lighting map, which are illuminated and maintained at public expense. Please can you clarify whether DCC installed these streetlights or not, and if DCC did, why, as some of the streetlights are on Teign Housing’s private land, so theoretically should not be payed for at the public expense as the general public do not gain any benefit from them?

The street lights were installed in this area around 1980 by developers or the local authority and were adopted soon after and are currently being managed by Devon County Council.

3) Please can you clarify if DCC built the highways on Lanherne, and if not, when and if DCC adopted the highways, and from whom, and why did DCC adopt them?

As indicated above, Devon County Council did not build the highway but did adopt the highway on 17th March 1982. We hold no specific information as to why this happened.

4) Please can you inform me how much DCC payed Teign Housing to acquire the land for the building of the new cycle/footpath going through Lanherne, or at least clarify that it was purchased from Teign Housing. I have the document that confirms the purchase price paid to Teignbridge District Council for the adjoining part of the new cycle/footpath which was £1, is this (attached) information correct?

Devon County Council paid Teign Housing £700.00 to acquire the land.

5) Please can you clarify why DCC are illuminating and maintaining the streetlights on the seaward path that runs behind Lanherne as TDC have confirmed that they will extinguish this path since the new cycle/footpath was built running along Exeter Road and through Lanherne, because it is excess to requirements now because of the new/alternative route?

Devon County Council do currently maintain these street lights but as with any street light found to be on private land, we are planning to transfer ownership away from Devon County Council where possible. This area has two usable pedestrian routes, one is part of the expanding cycle route. We are aware of local plans that may alter these arrangements and once the routes have been agreed and commissioned Devon County Council will reconsider these street lights with a view to transfer ownership or remove these lights.

6) Can you please clarify whether the pavement/footpath at Lanherne which is separate from the road, but runs along side it is highway maintainable at the public expense,or highway maintained by Teign Housing, or private property with no public access?

Please refer to the plan in response to question 1 above. Without a plan of the land in question it is not easy to respond to this question but the attached plan will hopefully cover the land you are querying and answer the question