Keaton Road Car Park

In 2016 following numerous complaints from consumers about the Keaton Road Car Park managed by Premier Parking Solutions of Newton Abbot, Devon and Somerset Trading Standards launched an investigation.

According to newspaper reports following the investigation there were a set of remedial actions agreed with PPS to do with signage and (I believe) the reliability of the parking machines. There was also an agreement with PPS that all miskeying leading to a PCN would be handled in future by a small admin fee. This was to apply to all car parks managed by PPS.

Could I please get a copy of:

The original complaints that lead to the investigation
The results of the investigation by DSTS
The remedial actions agreed with PPS
The agreement signed with PPS to cover miskeying and/or other parking errors

This information is held concerning the enforcement of powers under the Enterprise Act 2002 and any disclosure of this information is prevented by section 237 of the Enterprise Act 2002.   This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.44 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 where the information has been prevented from disclosure by statute.