Inspections for Sidmouth Road

Further to my request for information for details of all safety inspections between 25th October 2017 and 27th December 2017, please can you supply me with the details of the breakdown of the routes of the four inspections. The route of the above inspections must be documented.

We can confirm the further available information for you:

As indicated on the records which have already been disclosed, the dates recorded are in fact when the information is “loaded” onto the Devon County Council record and not necessarily the date that the inspection took place.

We can further confirm that the inspection of East Devon is a long inspection which takes place over a four day period whenever it is carried out. The inspection of Sidmouth Road, Honiton, is part of this four day inspection.

We can identify the routes of this four day inspection on the two maps attached. The second smaller scale map identifies that the route included Sidmouth Road, Honiton to Sidmouth.   The maps can be seen via the link below: