Injury compensation to teaching staff in or outside schools

In the last financial year 2018/2019 please provide me with the number of settlements and the total amount paid as compensation to teachers or teaching assistants for injuries sustained at schools or outside schools. For each incident please provide me with the amount of compensation, costs and a summary of the claim.

Please clearly indicate any incidents where compensation was made to staff as a result of an injury sustained from an attack by a pupil, or in an incident when trying to restrain a violent pupil.

Note: The question relates to payments made in 2018/2019 regardless of when the incident took place. If the settlement was made by the authority’s insurers it is still information “held” by your authority under the terms of the Act.

We hold this information but as full disclosure may identify individuals and therefore breach their rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 we consider the detail is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 Section 40(2) Personal Data. However, we can disclose that the total compensation paid between 31/03/2018 and 01/04/2019 was £9,467  and the total costs to the council £23, 873.95.