Houses of Multiple Occupation

I would like to know:

1)Whether the council uses Houses of Multiple Occupation as accommodation for
a) 16-18 year olds in the care of the local authority and
b) care leavers aged 18+;


2) The names of all semi-independent housing providers and licensed HMOs as accommodation for 16-18 year olds in the care of the local authority, or for care leavers;

We can confirm that, as of 27.01.20, the following housing Supported Living providers were included in our financial records:

Abiding Care
Acorn Independence
Ambitions Support
CSM Independence
Empower Support Services
Fusion Independence
Futur3s South West
Higher Level World
ISWP Assessment Services
KPR Care Services
Light House Care
Mj Support Staffing
Monarch Interventions
Next Step Independence
Parallel Independence
Phoenix Care & Education
Stepping Away from Care
The Halfway Plus
Young Devon

3) The number of times in the last five years an HMO has been used to house
a) a 16-18 year old in the care of the local authority and
b) a care leaver aged 18+

We do not hold this information

4) A copy of any internal reports, assessments or risk analyses relating to the use of HMOs to house looked-after children

Housing is a responsibility of district, city and unitary authorities and we therefore do not hold this information.   We would recommend that you contact these authorities for any further information.  Contact details can be found on our website at: