Home education jobs, funding and EHCPs

1. Please provide any job advertisements you have published regarding any roles covering working with the home education community this is sometimes known as ‘Education Welfare Officer’ or ‘home education officers’ since September 2017 to the date you receive this letter. Please include descriptions of roles and responsibilities expected with that role.

Elective home education services are delivered through services which DCC commission from Babcock LDP. A recent advert is available for viewing but please note capacity in the team has also been increased through internal movement.   The advert can be seen via the link below:

Job advert

2. What funding and / or services, if any, is your Local Authority able to provide support for Elective Home Education (EHE) children/families? Examples might include educational psychology, dyslexia assessment, exam funding, exam centre provision/access. Please provide details for the period September 2017 to December 2020.

Devon County Council provide £144k pa for both Children Missing Education (CME) and EHE. For the period in question, it is not clear cut as there is overlap between EHE and CME. We would estimate for all four years an approximate split of 80% EHE and 20% CME and therefore the total for EHE would be £115,200 pa.

3. Is your Local authority using the Covid recovery fund for supporting children and young people who are EHE? If so for how many.


4. The Number of children whose parents have successfully applied for and obtained EHCP while home educated and not from school. Please provide data for the following academic years: 2017-18; 2018-19; 2019-20 and 2020-21 (up to December 2020).

We do not hold a central record of this information. To extract this information would require a review of more than 7,000 plans. Allowing for, say, 10 minutes, per plan, this would take in excess of 100 hours. This is in excess of the appropriate limit of 18 hours and we are therefore not obliged to provide this information pursuant to s.12 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. All requests for assessment are based on need regardless of the setting.

5. How frequently does the local authority request updates of home education provision from parent.

An annual update in cases where the EHE provision has been previously judged as suitable.

6. Please provide copies of any proformas and template letters that are sent to or used in relation to home educators.

Please see the information via the link below: