Head of ICT

“I am looking for information for the officer who is part of the ‘Senior Management Team’ (i.e. reporting directly to the Chief Executive) and is also responsible for IT (But not the IT director) please supply their;

a) Full name Rob Parkhouse
b) Contact details
Devon County Council, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 4QD, Tel: 01392 383000
c) Job title
Head of Digital Transformation and Business Support
d) Secretary Details (Name, Phone and Email)
Alison O’Hara, Tel: 01392 383000, E-mail alison.ohara@devon.gov.uk
e) Was or is a member of CIPFA –
f) Does Revenue and benefits Department report to them –
g) Are they the S151 Officer for the Council –

* This person MUST report directly to the Chief Executive.
* This person OFTEN has a job title such as Finance Director, Operations Director, Corporate Resources Director or Assistant Chief Exec
* This person UNLIKELY TO BE the IT Director”