Free school uniform policy

1. Does your local authority provide a school uniform for families?
2. If no, did you ever provide one and if so, when and why did you withdraw it?
3. If you do provide a grant, which families can apply and how much can they get?
4. Do you work with or know of any voluntary organisations in your authority which support families with the costs of school uniform?

School uniforms are not provided by the Local Authority  and Devon County Council social services for families do not provide grants or funding specifically for school uniforms. Information about the need for, availability and provision of school uniforms is held by schools themselves, please contact them directly using the information on the link below:

We do not hold information about which voluntary organisations support families with the cost of school uniforms, but details of local voluntary and community organisations organised and searchable by category and keyword can be found on our Pinpoint Directory which can be found at: