Fraud Investigation Team

How many investigators are in your fraud investigation team?


Do you have a case management system used by the fraud investigation team?


If so who supplies it and what is the name of the system?

The software is supplied by CIVICA and the system is called Civica Fraud Solutions

When does the contractual agreement to use the software expire?

The licence is renewed in March every year and has just been renewed

What is the annual cost to use the system?

Whilst Devon County Council do hold this information we consider that disclosure of this information would have an impact on the council’s ability to negotiate any future licencing agreements and therefore prejudice the council’s commercial interests.  Whilst we acknowledge the need to be open, we do not consider it to be in the public interest to prejudice the ability of the council to negotiate any future agreements.  This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s. 43 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

If you do not have a fraud investigation team, can you please inform me if you are part of a shared fraud investigation team, or if your fraud investigations are outsourced?
If they are outsourced can you please inform me who the fraud investigation is outsourced to?

Counter Fraud Services are supplied by Devon Audit Partnerships (DAP) Counter Fraud Services Team. Devon Audit Partnership is a multiple Local Authority Partnership which provides professional internal audit, counter fraud and assurance services including risk management, consultancy, governance, business improvement and cost containment. The purpose is to better the lives of people in the south west and help organisations we work with fulfil this common purpose. We support our clients to achieve their objectives effectively and with minimal risk