Forde Park parking meters, Newton Abbot -2019-2020

Relates to Forde Park Newton Abbot Parking for the Period 1st January 2019 to 31st January 2020  where there are two parking meters within the Forde Park Parking Zone

1 How much has been collected in the period indicated above in parking fees, cash and by phone

The two machines 0686 & 0694 took £668.30 and £1332.40 respectively. We should clarify that we do not hold information concerning how much was collected by the “pay by phone” scheme.

2.  What is the cost of collecting the fees in the period stated above

We do not hold this information

3. How many permits ‘F’ were issued or in being and their overall cost income

118 permits were issued for the “F” zone for this period at a value of £3090.

4. The cost of wardens to patrol that area

We do not hold this information

5. The number of fixed penalty notice issued within the period stated above for ‘F’ Forde Park

The total no. of PCN’s is 56.

12 for 01 – Yellow Lines

10 for 06 – No Ticket on display

1 for 05 – Parked after ticket expired

24 for 12 – Parked in a residents space without a displaying a valid permit

3 for 19 – Parked in a residents space displaying an invalid permit

6 for 30 – Parked for longer than permitted