Female genital mutilation – children

In the last 12 months please answer the following ( Please note this related to the CALENDER year 1st of January 2016 to the 31st of December 2016)

  1. How many cases of FGM has your social services identified where there was a concern that FGM already occurred to a child (aged under 18), in the time frame above.
  2. For the cases identified in question 1 how many cases did the force refer for medical examination to see if FGM had occurred…
  3. Of the cases that were referred for a medical examination what was the average time from the initial suspicion of FGM to time to referral for examination
  4. What was the longest time to referral from initial suspicion FGM had occurred to referral for medical examination?

These items of information are not held in a format that we are able to extract and collate within the time limit specified by Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act – Cost of Compliance. The information is not recorded as a separate item of data and would require the free text parts of thousands of case entries to be examined in detail.

Even if each one took as little as five minutes  this would still exceed the time limit of 18 hours, or £450 pounds at £25 per hour of officer time.

Therefore we are unable to supply the information. However, if you wished to narrow down the search parameters  we would be pleased to consider that as a separate information request.