Exeter Road, Exmouth

Exeter Road, Exmouth
Victoria Gardens to Lamplough Road
Traffic control (two-way signals)
Jurassic Fibre
Works ref C9001WP049402
30 July 2020

Can you please explain Devon County Council’s process whereby the above works have been permitted on the A376 during peak summertime. The works do not appear to be emergency statutory authorities works

We can confirm that:

• Permit applications are made by works promoters and assessed by Devon County Council to ensure coordination of activity occurs
• Routes with identified traffic sensitivity are taken into consideration when an application is made
• A permit for minor works was granted to Jurassic Fibre to occupy road space on the A376 between 30-31 July 2020 under temporary traffic lights
• The purpose was to lay broadband fibre cable between Victoria Gardens and Lamplough Road on Exeter Road which required excavation
• Liaison took place with the Council’s Network Enforcement Officer over appropriate congestion mitigation measures
• Work during daytime was permitted with a congestion mitigation measure of the contractor manually controlling their traffic lights at peak times
• Due to reported congestion, this was adjusted once the works had started to manual control of the lights at all times