Energy Performance of Public Buildings

Regarding Display Energy Certificates (DECs), how many public buildings are compliant with the regulations and have the appropriate DEC in place?

Devon County Council have DECs in place on 50 of its buildings.  We do not hold information about DEC compliance of public buildings that are the responsibility of other authorities.

If a member of the public reported a building without a DEC, would Trading Standards issue a penalty for non-compliance?

Trading Standards enforcement decisions are made in line with our Enforcement Policy which is published at and decisions are made on a case by case basis.

How many enquiries had Trading Standards made in each of the following for potential non-compliance of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) regulations?     

  1. New Build Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – 2 enquiries actioned
  2. Dwellings Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (for sale) – 13 enquiries actioned
  3. Dwellings Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (for rental) 30 enquiries actioned
  4. Non-dwellings Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – 2 enquiries actioned
  5. Display Energy Certificates (DECs) – None found

In addition, 6 enquiries were actioned where the type of build/dwelling is not recorded.

Of the above enquiries how many were found to be non-complaint with the regulations?

8 enquiries resulted in discovery of evidence of non-compliance with the Regulations.

How many of the following has Trading Standards issued for transgression of the regulations?

Warning letter

One of the outcomes of a formal report is a “Service Warning Letter”. No “Service Warning Letters” have been issued in relation to these Regulations. However written advice has been given.

Penalty notice


How much extra funding does Trading Standards receive from Central Government for encouraging compliance of and enforcement of EPBD regulations?

No extra funding has been received by Trading Standards.

Since 21 May 2010, what work has been carried out by local Trading Standards with regard to enforcing compliance of the regulations for the following: 

  1. New Build EPC
  2. Dwellings EPC (for sale)
  3. Dwellings EPC (for rent)
  4. Non-dwellings EPC
  5. DEC

Advice has been given to Estate and Letting Agents at the time of the introduction of legislation and subsequently. Support has been given to Teignbridge District Council’s property Agent Rating Scheme which includes EPC checks in its audit process.

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