Employment support commissioned and/ or provided by the local authority

1. What employment support services does your local authority provide for adults with a learning disability? Please include both provision that is run directly by your local authority or a provider commissioned by your local authority.

a. For each of these employment support services, what criteria does a person need to fulfil to access that provision? For example:

(i) Do they need to be known to social services?

(ii) Do they need to be receiving adult social care services?

(iii) Is eligibility informed by whether a person has had an EHCP or legacy statement in the past?

(iv) Do they need to be of a certain age group? If so, please specify.

(v) Do they need to be in receipt of ESA?

(vi) Do they need to have a particular disability, such as a learning disability?

(vii) Do they need to meet a number of different criteria to access the provision?

(viii) Do they have to meet any other eligibility criteria? Please send us a full list of any criteria used to determine who is able to access employment services, and which support services provided or commissioned by your local authority this applies to.

2. Have any of the criteria for any of the provisions changed ‘ comparing the years 2010/2011 or 2012/2013 and 2016/2017?

Devon County Council has no directly commissioned services for supporting individuals in to employment therefore we do not hold this information.

Devon County Council participates in a range of partnership activity with Further Education providers (Supported Internships for those aged 16+ with an EHCP), supported Employment Providers (PLUSS etc.) on programmes funded by DWP and ESF and the Peninsular City deal mentoring programme for 18-24 unemployed.