Emergency Planning

Within the council, who is the person that is responsible for emergency planning? 

Emergency Planning is managed within Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity and as such the Head of Service is the responsible Chief Officer.  For any queries on this matter, please contact Keith Reed, Emergency Planning Officer at keith.x.reed@devon.gov.uk


What systems does the council use when an emergency occurs? E.g. pen and paper, Excel, a system or another method? 

To monitor and record the actions taken during a significant emergency we record the audit trail on an in-house system called RADAR (Record Actions Decisions and Results).  For more straightforward incidents pen and paper are used with a brief summary of the actions recorded on a list of all incidents that year.  As a business continuity arrangement we have a paper log that could be used for any type of event.

We also use a Mass Notification System product from Everbridge to call out “volunteer responders” should the Local Authority be required to open and staff a rest Centre.


If the council uses a software system, which vendor do you use for your emergency planning solution? 

RADAR was developed in-house on WordPress.

Mass Notification to call out “volunteers responders” = Everbridge


What is the current contract term (how long is it and when does it expire)?

Not applicable for RADAR; it replaced an external system which had been on a five year contract.

Everbridge Mass Notification system – 5 year contract from 13/03/14 until 13/03/19.


What is the value of said contract?



If the council does not have a software system, will the council be researching the market (with the intention to buy) over the next 12 – 18 months? 



If yes, when will be the council be aiming to purchase the system by?

Not applicable as the Council is not looking to purchase a software system.