Embankment road monitoring

This is in relation to ENQ201364480. 

To which post was your ‘discrete’ black box positioned to record the speeds.  

The speed measurement device was attached to a lamp column, number 7, directly opposite the Crabshell Inn, at a height of 2 metres.

What were the dates and times that it was operational.

It was in place from the 05 October to 13 October, and we have used data from the 06 October to 10 October. The unit records data continuously (i.e. 24 hours each day).

Considering that the road has curves what section of Embankment Road was monitored.

The device would have recorded speeds within about 20 metres of its location in both directions.

What speeds were recorded for the following sections of road:
Kingsbridge to Derby Road
Derby Road to the War memorial.
The War memorial to the Crabshell and beyond

Over the period outlined above the average speeds recorded were:

Southbound – 26.1mph

Northbound – 25.5mph

Please state exactly where on the road the speed was recorded.

See previous responses above

Please supply the service history for the black box and a copy of the recordings showing speeds of vehicles and the section of Embankment Road monitored during the period of operation.

The device used was a Tagmaster Radar Recorder, it has the serial number 0806-60258 and is identified in our inventory by the reference DCC 20. These units are also used by police forces and other local authorities. Here is a copy of the last service report prior to its use at this site, undertaken in September 2019. All our units are regularly checked by our contractor, although we do not keep copies of these checks. Here is a copy of the speed readings