Eggs Used for Catering

“Could you please send me the answers to the following two questions:

1. In your authority, what eggs ( shell and liquid) are purchased and/or used for catering:

Devon Norse are the Council’s suppliers, and all eggs used are free range whole eggs; we do not purchase or use any liquid eggs.

Please select the minimum accepted standard:

A. Free range – Free range

B. Barn (indoor exclusively, non-caged)

C. Caged

D. Don’t know

2. Is it possible for caged eggs to be used in public institutions under your authority?”

No, our procurement contracts specify suppliers must supply all our sites free range eggs.  As Devon Norse are Food For Life Gold & Silver Served Here award holders, suppliers sign declarations to ensure they only supply free range eggs.  Devon Norse’s egg procurement is audited as part of its annual food for life re accreditation inspection. Devon Norse have also held a Compassion in World Farming Good Egg Award since 2016.