DSE Assessment

Would you kindly provide the following information under Freedom of Information:-

In the past 12 calendar months:-

• How many staff have undergone a DSE Assessment by a third party provider

• Of these, which organisation undertook the assessment

In answer to both these questions, we can confirm that:

19 assessments were undertaken by IMASS on our behalf.
1324 assessment were undertaken via an internal team who process DSE Assessments through a “bought in” DSE Assessment System called Oshens which is supplied via Optima Diagnostics.

• Is the Council contracted to this organisation and, if so, until when

The contract with IMASS runs until 31st March 2020.
The contract with Optima Diagnostics runs until 31st March 2019

• How many staff (approx) is employed by your council

Currently, we have 3545.35 FTE’s / Headcount 4210