Domiciliary care

1. Does the council have an in-house care service, if yes how many hours of care did it deliver in the period from 1st October to 31 December 2017?


2. How many hours of care were commissioned by the council from private domiciliary providers in the period from 1st October to 31December 2017?

544,550 hours

3. What is the average hourly rate currently paid by the council for Domiciliary Care to its contracted providers?

The average hourly rate for Older People’s daytime care on 19/12/17 was £18.27

4. What are the names and business addresses of the council’s contracted care providers?

The Current Providers are listed below. Contact details for each provider can be found on the web;

Assisted Living
Brandon Trust
Caraston Hall
Carewatch (Purple Balm)
Chapter 1
Chapter Care
Dartmoor Care Consortium
Disabilities Trust
Guiness Care
Helping Hands
Homelife Carers
Leonard Cheshire
Magna Housing
New Care
Sage (Allied Homecare)
Selbourne (trading as Dove)
Well UK

5. When does the current domiciliary care contract expire and if there are there any extension periods, what are these?

July 2021 with two one year extension periods.

6. What hourly rate is currently paid by the Council to Domiciliary Care Service Users who request Direct Payments