Direct payments – disabled related expenses

Please could you supply details of Disabled Related Expenses allowed for when calculating Fairer Contributions for people who receive Direct Payments. Please supply details of which expenses you allow for and how much is a usual allowance for expense.

If following their care needs assessment a person meets the eligibility criteria for community based adult social care services then they will be allocated a Personal Budget which can be taken as a Direct Payment.

Devon Council Council’s (DCC) recognises that every person is different, and no two people will have the exact same set of financial circumstances. Therefore, our practice and policy is to undertake a full financial assessment to determine the person’s contribution towards the value of their Personal Budget. This financial assessment takes into consideration the unique circumstances of each person based on an individual financial assessment.

Part of the financial assessment process requires us to offset any expenditure the person is required to make as a direct result of their illness or disability. The policy is:
• To assess a person for their Disability Related Expenditure (DRE) on an individual basis, thus allowing for individual need and circumstance.
• DRE is any reasonable additional cost that a person incurs as a result of their illness or disability.
• Additional costs are considered as costs over and above that which a person without an illness or disability would have to pay
• Whilst we adhere to Care Act guidance there is no exhaustive list which details which expenses we would allow as it depends on the individual and their circumstances.