Devon County Council Grant Funding

Would you kindly inform me who is in charge of grant giving and/or funding for not-for-profits at Devon County Council. I would also like to request a contact email address for them too.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. There is no one person in charge of grant giving and funding within in Devon County Council. The contact would depend on the context of the grant and the team running it.

The Communities team, led by Simon Kitchen is currently delivering the Covid Prompt Action Fund which is for Not-for-profit organisations.

The Business Support and Innovation team deliver Doing What Matters on behalf of the communities team, which is for Not-for-profit organisations, however this scheme is not currently open.

Details of many more grant funding opportunities can be found on the Sources of grant funding page on the Devon County Council website.

In addition, Devon Funding News has the latest information about funding opportunities. Details of previous responses found on the Council’s website may also be helpful to you.