Deferred Payment Agreements and Care Home Fees

1. “In each of the last two financial years (17/18) and (18/19), how many Deferred Payment Agreements (DPAs) have you agreed with people where their properties are taken as security for people who need assistance with their care home fees?

2017/18: There were 40 new DPA’s taken out.

2018/19: There were 41 new long term DPA’s taken out. Additionally, we commenced recording short term loans which had also been secured against a property (awaiting the sale of a property as opposed to no intention of selling) of which there were 45. This information had not previously been recorded.

2. For both financial years, please state the value of the most expensive property that you have taken as security against care home fees.

We do not hold this information.

3. As at 31.3.19, what is the total value of care fees owed to the council that will eventually be covered by the security of properties that you have taken into consideration as part of the DPAs?

As at 31/03/2019 Devon County Council had £8,906,372 secured against properties.

4. How many homes that were placed under a DPA with your authority have been sold as at 31.3.19 to successfully clear care home fees? What was the size of the biggest bill that was settled this way?”

We do not hold this information. The largest debt settled via a DPA has been for £167,000.