Crockernwell – Traffic calming measures

I believe that in the past there has been provision in the budget of Devon County Council to install traffic calming measures in Crockernwell. Please can you inform me as to how much was allocated and when this provision was withdrawn.

We can confirm that a scheme for speed reduction measures in Crockernwell was allocated £8000 in the 2007/08 Local Transport Plan budget. This report has been published online and can be read at:


The scheme was completed in that year and the provision was not withdrawn. This is confirmed by a further report which was also published online and can be read at:

Conclusion report

The brief for the scheme is detailed in the attached project report which can be read via the following link:

Project report


This included:

• Reduced speed limit from the existing 40 mph to 30 mph. The 30 mph Speed Limit Order is dated November 2007 and can be read online at: Speed Limit Order
• Replace existing 40mph signs, including repeaters, with 30 mph signs
• Countdown markers on the two approaches to the village on the C50 (old A30).
• 30mph roundels to accompany repeaters through the village.
• In the westerly direction the limit will be extended by around 100m.
• Village nameplates also require replacing. As well as the village name on the plate, the Trafalgar Way logo and text should also be part of this nameplate