CCTV Footage of Sandygate Roundabout


“We are investigating liabilitywith regards to a motor incident that occurred on 28th November 2017 and may have been captured on your CCTV.

Date:                          28/11/17
Time:                         Approx 11:30
Location:                  Sandygate Roundabout, A379 junction with M5, Exeter,


Please could you advise if footage is available and how we could request a copy.”



Devon County Council’s CCTV footage is kept for 30 days before it is automatically overwritten in line with our Records Retention Policy.

Unfortunately, your request was received after Devon County Council had shut down for the Christmas break on Friday 22nd December.  Consequently, the footage of Sandygate Roundabout on 28th November 2017 would have been automatically overwritten on 28th December 2017, as the Council did not re-open until 2nd January 2018.

The requested information is, therefore, not held.