Care leaver offer

Has your local authority published (before 25 September 2019) a Care Leaver Offer as described by Section 2 of the Children and Social Work Act 2017? (The Care Leaver Offer should outline the services for care leavers available within the local authority area.) If the answer is yes:
* can you please email me with a copy of/weblink to that Care Leaver Offer?
* can you please email me a copy of any plan you have developed to communicate that Care Leaver Offer to care leavers in your area?


Care leavers local offer 

We do not hold any information about a plan to communicate the Care Leaver Offer to care leavers but here is a link to the actual communication that was sent.

Letter communicating Care leaver Offer to Care leavers

Education and Families – additional information for Care leavers