Car park ticket machines -new £1 coin

The percentage of cash-accepting car park ticket machines, which you are responsible for, that currently accept the new £1 coin

We have been assured by our contractors that work to update the first 62 on-street parking meters,  to enable them to accept the new £1 coins, will be completed in the first half of July with work on the remaining 188 metres carried out in batches and completed by the time the old coin ceases to be legal tender.

In the meantime stickers have been  placed on the machines to alert members of the public if a machine does not accept new coins and these will be removed as the machines are updated.

 We advise the public to make use of our mobile phone cashless payment system  and carry appropriate change.

If you do not currently have 100% compatibility, when do you estimate all cash-accepting car park ticket machines will be able to accept the new £1 coin

Please see the response to the previous question.