Braunton Parish Neighbourhood Plan

We recognise that a high proportion of our population is elderly and we want to determine the current and future demand for such housing in our Parish and plan for it. Elderly housing needs seems to be omitted in any studies that support the Local Plan and the Local plan itself.  What I would like to know is:

The numbers of people in Braunton Parish and North Devon (so that comparisons can be made):

that currently live in specialised housing

that currently require specialised housing but do not have it

and the future demand for such housing until 2031 (and beyond if you have it) any figures for delivery of such housing

If possible, the following would be excellent:

graphs or spreadsheets that show trends

the breakdown of the above information into our major Parish villages i.e. Braunton, Saunton, Knowle and other rural.

list of the relevant building design standards for such housing

Devon County Council is not a housing authority and therefore does not hold the information requested.  The district council are responsible for the local plans which should include any need for specialist older persons housing.  Please contact North Devon District Council directly using the information on the link provided.