Barriers at Cranbrook Train Station

Please can you provide the total cost to the Council of the concrete barriers that were placed at Cranbrook train station in order to deter travellers. Please also provide details on whether they have been hired for a fixed term, or if the barriers are being rented on a rolling weekly/ monthly basis and its costs, please also include information on how long you intend to keep the barriers at the site.

The temporary concrete barriers were put in as a temporary fix to prevent further unauthorised access and to minimise legal costs to the Authority associated with securing possession orders / arranging for bailiffs to attend the site / site clearance etc after any such unlawful occupation.

The barriers have been hired on a temporary basis (since 1st week of May) to prevent further unauthorised access and are being charged at a hire cost of £700 per week for 30 barriers.

During June there was a repeated attempt to unlawfully access the car park; however, the barriers were an effective deterrent.

The temporary barriers have now been removed to allow a permanent hooped perimeter barrier to be installed (effective from 5th September). The estimated cost for this permanent solution is £8,676 + VAT.