Armed Forces Recruitment and Promotional Activities

  1. Does the council allow promotional and recruitment activities by the armed forces in public spaces/events? Please see below.
  2. If yes to 1, does the council allow weapons and military vehicles to be part of these activities? Please see below.
  3. If yes to 1, what is the procedure for the armed forces to undertake these activities? Please see below.
  4. What is the council’s policy on children (under 18 years old) handling military weapons in public spaces/events? Please see below.
  5. What policies inform the council’s position on this, in relation to event licensing, safeguarding, the Armed Forces Covenant etc. Please see below.

With regard to all the above questions, Devon County Council (DCC) can confirm that it is not the licencing authority for public events.  This function, which includes the involvement of a Safety Advisory Group, is provided by District and Unitary councils in Devon. They can be contacted directly using the information on the links provided.

DCC would, therefore, not have a view on who partakes or what activities take place at such events.  When an event will require use of a public highway, we do have procedures regards Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders which can be found here

Our Armed Forces Covenant would not be a factor in any such events unless we were approached by an individual, organisation or group who believed that an event was in some way discriminating against or disadvantageous towards those who are serving or have served in the Armed Forces or their families.