Alternative Education Provision – private transport

1. How much did you spend on taxis and other forms of private transport in 2019 to get students to and from Alternative Provision placements?

The Education Transport budget is managed by financial year and therefore the last complete year of costs relate to the 2018/19 financial year with the spend on taxis or other forms of transport to Alternative Provision placements.   This totalled £553,183.29 and includes the costs of any passenger escorts travelling on the vehicles due to any additional needs of the passengers.

Further, we have interpreted your question to refers to children who have either been permanently excluded from school, are waiting a placement, have medical needs or extraordinary arrangement where no other school is available.

2. What’s the furthest distance a looked after child in your care has had to travel to reach a private tutor hired by your Virtual School to provide academic support?

Devon County Council do not transport children to private tutors and don’t have any details of where the children live or where the private tutors are based.  We therefore do not hold this information.