Adult Social Care Payments

“Please clarify the below Adult Care & Health spending data available via the £500+ Spend information published on your website:-

Devon Partnership NHS Trust – I can see that there are 20 payments of around £39k each, totalling almost £800k. Is this related to the care for a particular person?

No, these payments relate to the Enhanced Community Recovery Service which is operated by Devon Partnership Trust for a number of different service users.

What are the two payments of £283k to LB Waltham Forest? Presumably this is related to some sort of out-of-borough placement? But the figures seem as if they must related to at least several care users.

These payments relate to reimbursement of the care costs for a single service user which we have agreed to under an Ordinary Residence arrangement.

Sanctuary Housing Association – this one seems more intuitive, that it presumably relates to extra-care payments?

These payments are made under a contract for the provider to deliver homelessness prevention and support.

NHS South Devon and North East – similar questions to question 1.

This payment relates to a single service user; and is a refund of Section 117 contributions coving period 21/12/15 to 31/03/17.

Northern Devon Healthcare Trust – as above.”

No, these payments relate to personal care services for multiple service users.