Adult Safeguarding Referrals

Date of Request: 06/05/2015                                                      

Date of Disclosure: 04/06/2015

Request and Devon County Council Response

Please see the Councils response in bold text;

  • How many safeguarding alerts and referrals have been recorded in relation to home care packages for those aged 65 or over for each month since 1st April 2012? Please breakdown by numbers of alerts and referrals.
    • 2012-13  (financial year) =  40 safeguarding referrals
    • 2013-14 (financial year) = 88 safeguarding referrals
    • 2014-15 (financial year) = 198 safeguarding referrals
  • What was the annual percentage of alerts and referrals that were judged to have required further investigation in relation to home care packages for those aged 65 or over for each of the last 4 years. Please make clear if you are providing figures for calendar or financial years.
    • 2012-13  (financial year) = 8%
    • 2013-14 (financial year) = 20%
    • 2014-15 (financial year) = 30%
  • Out of all of the home-care packages for those aged 65 or over that have been selected by the council using, what percentage of them tendered the lowest price out of those other care providers with whom they were short listed. In 2014, Birmingham City Council responded to a FOI request including this question in relation to care homes, by saying 7.77% of successful offers have been more expensive than the other care homes shortlisted on the requirement. Therefore 92.23% of homes that were successful offered the cheapest price.

The Council does not use therefore we are unable to answer this question.