Adult reviews and reassessments

1. How many adult reviews/reassessments have not been undertaken within a 12 month period as of the 28/03/2019 and fall outside of Care Act Compliance?


2. Has the Council used an outside 3rd party organisation to conduct adult reviews/reassessments on behalf of the council since 1/1/2018 


3. The name of the organisation(s) that undertook this work

Quality Assured Projects

4. The number of reviews/reassessments that were conducted

82 reviews were conducted on behalf of DCC by QAP since 01/01/2018

5. The total amount charged to the council for conducting this service

A disclosure of this information, together with the details provided in the questions above, will disclose the rates for the individual reviews/ assessments which have been undertaken which would prejudice the future commercial interests of the council by disclosing individual rates paid to service providers.   Whilst we acknowledge the need to be open, it is not in the public interest to prejudice future commercial decisions taken by the council.  This information is therefore exempt from disclosure pursuant to s.43 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.