Care Act reviews and assessments

How many reviews/reassessments were conducted during the period 01/01/16 to present by the following?

Total of 53,873 assessments completed for 30,484 clients in the period 01/01/2016 to 30/06/2017. To provide the greatest clarity in responding to the enquiry we have provided two additional categories detailing who carried out these assessments/reviews

a. Council employed Social Workers/Reviewing Officers

45,965 reviews/assessments

b. Independent Social Workers/Reviewing Officers (not employed directly by the local authority)

Please see answer to d below

c. Reviews/reassessments allocated to 3rd part recruitment agency contractors/contracts

106 reviews/assessments by an agency contracted to provide social work services
(QAP, External Review Team)

d. Organisations commissioned by the local authority on a long-term contract

We commission the assessment and review of carers from Devon Carers who undertook 7,611 assessments/reviews for 5,458 individual clients

e. Organisations who have assessment and review functions delegated to them by the local authority under a Section 75 agreement.

Our Section 75 agreement with the Devon Partnership Trust includes the assessment and review of people aged 18-64 whose primary support reason is mental health and they undertook 191 assessments/reviews of 116 clients.

2. Can you confirm how many Reviews/Reassessments to be undertaken are older the 12 months and fall outside of Care Act Compliance (Council Backlog)?

6,710 of the 9,452 people who had been receiving a Devon County Council funded service continuously between 30/06/2017 and 01/07/2016 received an assessment/review during that period, 2,742 did not. It is our aspiration that people should be reviewed at least annually in line with the expectation stated in the statutory guidance that accompanies the Care Act and we seek to ensure that we meet the requirements of the Care Act to review by request, when presented with a change in circumstances, at 6-8 weeks after a new care package is put into place, and at a frequency proportionate to the need, circumstance, risk, and capacity of the person concerned

The Total budget spend on Reviews/Reassessment between 01/01/2016 to present, broken down to include:

a. The total council spend on Reviews/Reassessments split between Council employed Social Workers/Reviewing Officers, Independent Social Workers/Reviewing Officers and/or recruitment agencies for the period 01/01/2016 to present

b. Cost per Review/Reassessment for Council employed Social Workers/Reviewing Officers.

c. Cost per Review/Reassessment for Independent Social Workers/Reviewing Officers

d. Cost per Review/Reassessment for recruitment agency Social Workers/Reviewing Officers.

The Total Review/Reassessment team budget for 2017-2018?

Devon County Council does not hold this information. We do have a care management budget but we do not separate the review activities of the overall budget.

Details of the current Review/Reassessment team members by name / job title and number of qualified Social Workers/Reviewing Officers working in your local authority. Please include contact details for the current Head of Adult Services and Review/Reassessment Team Manager

we believe that disclosure of this information would constitute a breach of the first principle of the Data Protection Act 1998. For this reason, we feel this information is exempt from disclosure by virtue of the exemption at Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Names of Heads of service are in the public domain please see link below