Acidents reported Zebra Crossing A379 (Exeter Road) or A379 (Dawlish Street)

In the month of September 2017 were any accidents reported to the Devon County Council on either of the two zebra crossings to each side of Teignmouth Train Station (TQ14 8PG) crossing the A379?  In other words on: 

The zebra crossing over the A379 (Exeter Road) close to Shute Hill and Waitrose Supermarket (TQ14 8HR) 

The zebra crossing over the A379 (Dawlish Street) close to the pedestrianized section of French Street and Teignmouth and Shaldon Museum (TQ14 8ST), and Myrtle Hill 

If there were any accidents, could you let me know the dates of the accidents, a brief description of what happened and which of the following groups reported the accident to Devon County Council?

  • a member of the public (including a victim or witness)?
  • the police?
  • an insurance company?
  • another source?

The Council does not hold any records of any accidents at either of these two zebra crossings.