Transport services and cost

• What was your average cost for financial year 2019 for adults and children transport services? For adults, where we have interpreted your request to refer to adult social care clients rather than passengers on public transport, some contracts are … Continue reading

Exeter Transport strategy

The Devon County Council Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services scrutiny committee meeting held on 24 June 2020 heard the notes of the Devon County Council Standing Overview Group meeting held on 18 June, item number 182. At this meeting, “Members … Continue reading

Cycling access control points

Please may I have a list of the * location, * style and * installation date of each the cycling access control points in Exeter and on the key cycling routes in and out of Exeter? If such a document … Continue reading

Cycling infrastructure

1) Please provide information on how much has been spent on cycling infrastructure in the area you’re responsible for, broken down each year for the last 5 available financial years. Where cycling provision has been provided as part of wider … Continue reading