LED Street Lighting

I would like information for Plymouth and Exeter regarding: We are unable to supply information relating to Plymouth. You will need to approach Plymouth Council for that information. These figures therefore, are for Exeter only. 1. How many LED streetlights … Continue reading

Streetlight Operation

How many streetlights does your council operate as of 1 April 2021?    Total number of streetlights owned and maintained by Devon County Council – 79,270 How many streetlights did your council operate as of 1 April 2018?    Devon … Continue reading

Lampost banner advertising

1. Do you currently permit lamppost banners in order to communicate Council messages?   Yes 2. If so, which organisation provides these for you? The organisation that wants the information published e.g. TV switchover etc 3. Are you tied into … Continue reading

Street lighting installation specifications

We are looking to source copies of your current street lighting Installations specifications. Devon County Council’s Standard Specification for Street Lighting Further information on Devon’s Street Lighting Policy

Street Lighting contacts

A list of names and contact details (address, email or phone number), for any parish, town, district or borough council; or other organisation which operates streetlighting on the public highway within your area? (This can exclude Highways England/Scotland/Wales, and any … Continue reading

Energy and Printing

Please provide figures for the following: 1, The Council’s total energy bill, including the cost of street lighting, for each of the financial years – 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19, include all items – gas and electricity, heating and lighting.  2016/17: … Continue reading

South Hams Planning Application at Ugborough

“Please provide:- 1. The cost of producing the original Teignconsult Drainage Assessment and plan for a private development proposed at, Lutterburn Farm, Ugborough (which was only made public when the planning application was lodged).  Planning Application Ref: 3460/17/OPA. Information not … Continue reading