Special Educational Needs (SEN) Placements

1. Please could you supply the name, job title, email address and telephone number of the commissioner with responsibility for children’s SEN placements.  Julia Foster, SEND Senior Manager, julia.foster@devon.gov.uk ; telephone: 01392 383000 For questions 2 through 7, please supply the … Continue reading

Specialist Language Provision

We are making Freedom of Information requests to all local authorities across the UK to identify specialist provisions for children and young people with language disorder, as the information collected currently does not cover this condition. Your completion of the … Continue reading

SEN mediation services

1. Who is the lead officer for SEN within the local authority? SEND Senior Manager 2. Please provide an email address for that person. Julia.foster@devon.gov.uk 3. Who is responsible for commissioning Sen mediation services? As above 4. Please provide an … Continue reading

0-25 Team service provider contracts

I would like to see a list of therapists for OT, Physio and SALT who are currently contracted and used to provide services to the 0-25 team related to provision in children’s EHCPs.  Devon’s 0 – 25 team search the … Continue reading

Speech and language commissioning

a) when paediatric speech and language therapy in special schools started being commissioned by Education at Devon County Council instead of the NHS? I am particularly interested in who commissioned it since 1st January 2011. Devon County Council (DCC) Education … Continue reading

High Functioning Autism (HFA)

1. I would like to request under the Freedom of Information Act the following information in connection with the educational provision offered by your local authority and with regard to children with a diagnosis equivalent to one of High Functioning … Continue reading

SEND High Needs Funding allocation

A copy of the Council’s current operational guidance for SEND High Needs Funding allocation (a URL to current policy document would be fine);  A copy of the SEND High Needs Funding allocation and information on all the questions below can … Continue reading